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The Digital Elites
How The System Works To Make You Money

Learn How You Can Get Paid Commissions of $25, $50, $100 and $1,000 using a DONE FOR YOU SYSTEM!

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The Digital Elites 2.0 is an Affiliate Program by Chuck Nguyen. It is available on the JV Zoo Affiliate Network and backed by a 14 Day, No Questions Asked, Money Back GUARANTEE!

The Digital Elites is for anyone who wants to Learn How To Make Money Online. The basic course teaches 3 ESSENTIAL SKILLS: HOW TO GET TRAFFIC, HOW TO BUILD an EMAIL LIST and HOW TO MAKE MONEY from the LIST. It is great for Beginners or Newbies because it requires NO Website or Technical Skills. The DONE FOR YOU SYSTEM includes a High-Converting Lead Capture Page that is Hosted for you. It also includes 30 Follow-Up Emails that are loaded into your autoresponder for you.

The Cost of the Basic Course is only $49. As soon as you buy the basic course you will be offered 2 Upsell products. The first upsell is Andy's Traffic Vault which is an advanced course about Getting TRAFFIC. It sells for $97 and is a great value because it is the Complete Traffic Course! The second upsell is Chuck & Andy's Product Suite. It sells for $197 and includes all of Chuck & Andy's past products that sold for over $3,000 - PLUS it includes ALL future products that cost less than $1,000!

Everyone who buys the basic course for $49 automatically becomes an affiliate and can earn Commissions of $25 on the Basic Course, $50 on Andy's Traffic Vault and $100 on Chuck & Andy's Product Suite. In order to earn higher commissions, affiliates must upgrade to a VIP Partner. They can do that after they join The Digital Elites.

VIP Partner Benefits
VIP Partner Benefits Image

7 Reasons Why YOU Should Join The Digital Elites

* 1) MAKE MONEY! As a Digital Elite Member YOU qualify for commissions of $25, $50 & $100 just by joining for only $49. That is a ONE-TIME FEE! You can qualify for greater commissions, up to $1,000, by becoming a VIP member. You can do that at any time after you join.

* 2) There is a 14 Day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE that is backed by the JV Zoo Affiliate Network so you don't have to worry about this being a SCAM. You can join and check out the members area and if you don't like what you see, then get a refund!

* 3) The PRODUCT IS ESSENTIAL because Everyone who needs more Traffic, Leads and Sales needs to know what they will learn in this course. You learn how to get traffic, build a list and learn how to sell to your list. Use what you learn as a Digital Elites Member to Make More Money in whatever business you are promoting now!

* 4) The Digital Elites 2.0 is NEW so very few people have heard of it and unlike most affiliate products, only the members can sell it. This helps to keep the GURUS from promoting it to their HUGE lists which means more sales for NON-GURUS.

* 5) The course is NEWBIE or Beginner Friendly because you DO NOT need a website. All you need is an autoresponder and it will be set up for you. You may not be a NEWBIE but many people that you refer will be and being Beginner Friendly will be important to them and the reason they BUY and YOU MAKE MONEY!

* 6) The Digital Elites has a Facebook Group where members can get help from other members and provide help as well. You don't have to do this ALONE!

* 7) Chuck Nguyen is the founder and he made over $400,000 last year so he has CREDIBILITY. He will help you to make more sales by sending emails with YOUR affiliate ID in them to each one of your subscribers. He really wants to help you succeed! Remember This... The More Money You Make, The More Money Chuck Makes! Check Out Chuck Nyguen's YouTube Channel and SEE What He Teaches For FREE! Just think about How Much YOU will learn in the paid course!

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