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SMS or Text Message Marketing

Businesses all over the world have realized the huge potential of using SMS or Text Message Marketing to grow their businesses. SMS or Text Messaging can be used to interact with potential customers, existing customers, suppliers and employees. People who work at home in a home-based business are using SMS or Text Message Marketing to grow their businesses too. They can find new prospects for their businesses by bulk sms or mass text messaging. Bulk SMS simply involves sending out large volumes of text messages at once. Other terms that mean the same thing are mass sms, group texting, group sms, sms blast, text blast, broadcast text and text broadcasting. People who work from home can also use SMS or Text Messaging to follow-up with existing prospects and continue to use texting as the main way to communicate with customers or their downline.

Learn How To Build an Opt-In Mobile List. Text just the letters SMS to 206-516-2401

More than 5 BILLION people own a mobile phone that can receive SMS or Text Messages. You can reach new business prospects in real-time with SMS or Text Message Marketing. Studies show that over 90% of Smart Phone users have their phones with them 24/7 and the average user checks their phone 150 times per day. Studies also show that over 95% of text messages are read and over 90% are read within minutes! If you are trying to grow your business, improve relationships with your customers or your downline, increase sales and make more money; then you should be using SMS or Text Message Marketing to promote your business!

Does Text Marketing Really Work?
SEE For Yourself!


I just ordered another 2,500 texts for my Big Profit System. I did make $1,500 from the first order. - Anthony Caponigro - 9/19/2017 -

6 Sales! Let's Go Again! - Michael Pinson - 9/14/2017 - Highlander Power System -

I received 144 leads so far with a few still trickling in. I have one sale and two others that said they will be joining in the next day or two. - Rex Williams - 7/22/2017 -

Got a great response on the 2500. Made $500 so far with another $500 coming. Not bad for a $125 investment. - Bruce Ledgerwood - 7/19/2017 -

I'd like to run another text campaign for Monday. I got good results! I got one sale and about 110 opt ins from the last campaign. - Troy Greiner - 6/18/2017 -

I got one sale and some others who are coming in this week. Also, I just ordered another 2500 text blast because I got 110 opt-ins from the last one. I want to use the same text ad again for it. Let me know if you received the order. - Carolyn Anguiano - 6/7/2017 -

Thought I would let you know my results from the text blast. I got 105 new subscribers and made 2 sales from it. Let me just say your text blasts rock! I already ordered another 5000 text blast through the mail. - Carolyn Anguiano - 6/12/2017

Hey Don, Love your service! I got a $500 sale from the last text blast I did with you on March 30th! Doing it again! - Tommy Hunter - 4/25/2017 -

Amazing blast! Best results I have had so far! 5 have requested a coach call. Thank you so much for the great blast. Also, thank you for following up! Unique Clicks -179 | Total Clicks - 237 | Opt-Ins - 68 = 38.0% | Ben Arnold - 4/5/2017 -

First Text Blast with Don, a 2500 blast, produced a $1500 sale. What can I say? I almost want to keep Don to myself! - Renee LaChapelle - 3/20/2017 -

I've done well with your services. So far I've invested $580 with you and I've made $15,000. - Leonard Grant - 3/17/2017

I have already made the money back, plus more that I invested into traffic. Will be doing another traffic run before the week is out. Thank you again! - Kaylisa Johnson - 3/14/2017 -

I received a total of 409 opt-ins. I have been in contact with some very serious ones and have had 3 sign ups so far today. This is the best results I have had in a while. - Dr. Guy Etienne - 2/22/2017

Let me generate leads for your opportunity by text!

SMS | Text Blast Service from

How It Works

Step 1: Place an order for a Text Blast. The only payments I accept now are Postal Money Orders or CASH. Postal Money Orders can only be purchased at the post office. Click the link below and print the orderform. If you don't have a printer then open the orderform and copy my mailing address. Go to the post office and purchase a postal money order for the correct amount and mail it along with the orderform. You should not order more than 2,500 texts for your first campaign unless the text ad has already been sent and has proven to be responsive.

Click Here to Open the Orderform

Click Here to Download the Orderform

Step 2:
After I receive your order, I create a text message (ad) about your income opportunity from the information (ads or website) that you provide and include a way for your prospects to get more information. Be sure to send me the website url and/or phone number where your prospects can get more info. There are 3 ways for your prospects to get more information:

  1. Visit a website (could include a lead capture form)
  2. Call a phone number (could include a recording)
  3. Reply with a keyword

If you are sending people to a website then you should use a shortened URL that is also a tracking link. If you have a gmail account then use Google's URL shortener. Go to to get one. I will use your shortened URL so that you can see how many people visited your website.

Google URL Shortener

If you are really serious about Making Money Online, then you need to invest in a tracking service! The best tracking service that I have seen is Clickmagick and I recommend that you check it out as soon as possible!

ClickMagick Banner

Step 3: I will text or email the ad to you and wait for your approval before I start your text campaign. Most of the time, I will need your approval the day before the text blast is sent. If it is Thursday before I get your approval then you will probably have to wait until Monday before your text blast is sent.

Step 4: After I receive your approval, I will send the number of text messages that you paid for to my list. I send text blasts Monday - Thursday starting at 11 AM, Central. It usually takes several hours to send a text blast so I will start the text blast early enough so that it is finished before 7 PM, Central.

About My Text Lists

The people that I will send your text message to have responded to ads about Income Opportunities or they have expressed an interest in receiving ads on Income Opportunities or they have joined an Income Opportunity or they have sent me information about an Income Opportunity. Therefore, the people on my lists are the best people to contact with an offer for an Income Opportunity!

Step 5 (Optional):  If you want me to use a keyword in your text blast so that you can follow-up by text and build your mobile list, then you must be able to text your prospects. You can add the prospects to your mobile phone and text them or you can text them from another platform.

When I send your text blast I will use a keyword that I create specifically for you and when your prospects reply with your keyword they will receive an autoreply from my account that tells them how to get more information.They can call and listen to a recorded message or go to a website. You may want to send them to a lead capture page initially so that you can build your email list at the same time that you build your mobile list. After the autoreply is sent to your prospect, I will send you a text alert with the number of the prospect who requested more information. Then you can add them to your phone or texting platform and send follow-up texts.

It is probably best to wait a day to send your first Follow-Up Text. That will give your prospects time to review your sales page. In your 1st Follow-Up text - give them the link directly to the sales page instead of your lead capture page. The people who did not subscribe will be able to review your sales page but that's ok since they probably would not have subscribed anyway but the sales page may convince them to buy or join.

In your first Follow-Up Text you need to introduce youself and remind them about the text they responded to and provide additional information. For example...

Follow-Up Text Example

Hi! This is Don.

Thank you for replying TEXT for more info!

Visit my website @

Please call 256-297-1235 if you have questions.

Reply STOP for Removal

Building Your Opt-In Text List

You have heard many times... that the secret is in the list. In the past it was very important to build a list of email addresses but now with everyone carrying their mobile phone with them all the time, you should be building a list of mobile phone numbers. You can't buy Opt-In Mobile lists! You can't claim another person's subscribers as yours because the subscribers did not give YOU permission to text them. You must build your own Opt-In Mobile lists!

Learn How To Build an Opt-In Mobile List. Text just the letters SMS to 206-516-2401

What kind of results can you expect from my service?

If you are sending people directly to a webpage then you can expect a 5 to 7 percent CTR (Click Thru Rate). For example, if you order a 2,500 text blast, you can expect 125 to 175 clicks on your link or 125 to 175 people to visit your webpage. Keep in mind that if you are sending them to a lead capture page then you will do well to get 1 out 4 people to opt in with a valid email address. If you are not getting a 25% Opt-In Rate then you need to change the lead capture page!

If you have people to reply with a keyword then you can expect a 3 to 5 percent response rate. For example, if you order a 2,500 text blast, you can expect 75 to 125 people to reply with a keyword.

The results I mentioned above are only an average and are not guaranteed. The results that you receive could be better or worse.

ATTENTION: Mobile Carriers are blocking bulk text messages! If your text message is being blocked then you will not receive the results stated above. The carriers seem to be blocking urls so you will probably receive better results by having your prospects reply with a keyword for more information. I can set up an autoreply that will send your prospects your url when they reply with a keyword. I can also send you a text alert that includes your prospect's mobile number. Then you can follow-up by text. Be sure to let me know if you want me to use a keyword & autoreply for your text campaign.

Questions??? Please call if you need more information.

Interested in Receiving Income Opportunities by Text?

If you are truly interested in receiving income opportunities by text, then TEXT just the word TRUE to 
256-297-8168 and you will receive an immediate reply with information that will help you to Make More Money with any program you are promoting!

Do It Yourself Text Broadcasting
Do Your Own Text Broadcasting and Save!

Text Broadcasting is the best way to generate leads for your income opportunity and one of the cheapest ways to generate leads if you can do it yourself. All you need are responsive mobile numbers of Buyers and a way to send texts. Click the link below to get the best mobile numbers available.

Use Talario to Send Texts to Purchased Lists!

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