Especially for people who have more time than money...

KompoZer Tutorial Videos Show You How To Quickly And Easily Create Great-Looking Web Pages With Freely Available Software!

While “outsourcing” everything might be the ideal, not everyone has a wallet as fat as Yanik, Armand, or Mike. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and do it yourself.

(But honestly, sometimes when you do it yourself you end up ahead of the game.)

So for people who need their own web site, there’s an open-source (which means FREE) program called KompoZer you can use to build your own site. And here's some great news... KompoZer is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

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KompoZer Software
The KompoZer software -- I used
it to create this actual web page!

But here’s the problem...

There are so many things to do. Adding one more huge learning curve isn’t a solution.

If you have to learn HTML, CSS, and everything else to be able to build your own web site, how long is that going to take you?

Answer: Using my KompoZer Tutorial Videos will take you MUCH less time than if you just flail around by yourself -- GUARANTEED!

Tutorial Videos Walk You Through It!

There are more than 81 minutes of videos covering everything from starting from scratch, to editing templates, to using Cascading Style Sheets, and more. 

Order right now and within minutes you'll be watching exactly how to build your own web site using KompoZer!

Sit down with your own copy of KompoZer (remember, it’s free!) and watch the videos that cover the task you want to accomplish. The tutorial videos are separated by topic, so you don’t need to watch everything to get going -- only what you want!

KompoZer Tutorial Video Sample Screen
KompoZer Overview

What You Get:

Here is a list of the videos:

  • Installing KompoZer (2:14)
    You'll be up and running in just a few minutes.

  • KompoZer Overview (3:19)
    A quick look at the features of KompoZer.

  • Starting from Scratch (9:01)
    Discover all the steps needed to build a complete web page from scratch. Great for taking pre-written content such as PLR articles and turning them into web pages.

  • Using Templates Part 1 (6:54)
    Using Templates Part 2 (7:32)

    Build a web site using a pre-built template as a starting point. Also great information for any time you need to edit an existing web page.

  • Site Manager (2:12)
    Upload your web pages to different sites from inside the program. No need to use an extra FTP program to put your files online.

  • Publishing Your Pages (1:07)
    Make a change and quickly publish to your web site.

  • Text Formatting (3:30)
    Use the built-in toolbars to quickly format your text.

  • Turn Images Into Links (3:55)
    Make a picture on a web page 'clickable' by turning it into a link. Great tool for making nice-looking order buttons.

  • Internal Links (6:25)
    Build internal links into your web page for better usability.

  • Sales Letter Links (2:20)
    Create order links in pre-written sales pages (such as used by PLR products).

  • Table Basics 1 (3:27)
    Table Basics 2 (5:51)

    One of the foundations of most web pages, these videos show you how to get a handle on tables.

  • Table From Selection (3:01)
    Select some text and automatically create a table. -- This video will open up new horizons for your page building.

  • Crash Course in CSS (6:47)
    Quickly get into the fantastic capabilities CSS gives you.

  • Creating Johnson Boxes (5:16)
    No graphics needed, just some CSS to create Johnson boxes, testimonial boxes, etc.

  • Building A Navigation Bar (3:47)
    Use a combination of HTML and CSS to create a good-looking and functional navigation bar.

  • Creating A Form (5:01)
    Creating a form is quick and easy with KompoZer.

With school textbooks costing $60, $80, $100 or more, education isn't cheap (of course, staying ignorant will really cost you!) so you might expect these videos to be pretty pricey but you'd be wrong...

I am giving you complete access to all the KompoZer tutorial videos for just $17!

If you want to hit the ground running and create your own web pages, these KompoZer tutorial videos are exactly what you need.

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Special Message For Internet Marketers Who Don't Have Their Own Product...

You might think you don't need to create your own web page since you only promote other products as an affiliate but you do need this! You should be creating squeeze pages to pre-sell the affiliate product as well as to build your own list! Knowing how to knock out a web page is a skill that will pay you benefits year after year.

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