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Email Broadcasting Service

I have been offering an Email Broadcasting service since 2001. Now, I only offer a Solo Ad that is sent to my Aweber list of over 2,000 Subscribers. It usually generates over 100 clicks with a good ad.

What are clicks and click-through rate?

A click is when someone clicks a link in the email ad that I send for you that goes to your website. It is the same thing as a visitor to your website. The click-through rate or CTR is defined as the number of clicks divided by the number of emails sent. For example, if I sent 2,000 emails and you got 200 clicks - that would be a 10% CTR.

The click-through rate depends on the ad and the list that receives the ad. It is best to keep your ad very short! Include the most interesting information about your offer in order to get the most people to click the link and go to the website. Let the website do the selling for you! Often people are in a hurry and when the ad is too long they delete it before they read all of it. Also, a long ad may contain too many words that are considered to be spam words and will cause the email to go into the spam folder or not be delivered at all.

I only send text ads since they take less time to create and they get past the spam filters better than html messages. I do not send attachments either since most people will not open them because that is one way viruses are spread.

How many opt-ins will you receive?

If you are sending people to a lead capture page or squeeze page then you are probably more concerned about opt-ins than clicks. The opt-in rate mainly depends on the lead capture page. The majority of people who click the link to your website will not opt in because they do not want their email address to be bombed by your autoresponder. The best opt-in rate I have seen without giving something away is 1 opt-in for every 3 clicks. If a lead capture page will not generate 1 opt-in for every 5 clicks then it should be changed and tested with the goal of getting the best possible opt-in rate.

How many people will join your program or buy your product?

The number of people who will join your program or buy your product will depend on the conversion rate of your website and on your ability to follow-up with your prospects and close the sale. The conversion rate of your website is defined as the number of visitors divided by the number of people who join your program or buy your product.

About My Aweber Lists

The people on my Aweber lists that I will email your ad to have subscribed via a webform and many are double opt-in which means they had to confirm their subscription. They subscribed in response to an email they received about an Income Opportunity. Therefore, the people on my Aweber lists are the best people to contact with an Income Opportunity offer!

Solo Ad Service

With my Solo Ad Service you are paying me to send your ad to my Aweber list of over 2,000 Subscribers.

Even though you are not guaranteed a certain number of clicks or leads with my Solo Ad Service you should receive at least 100 clicks. You can offer a bonus for subscribing on your lead capture page in order to increase the number of subscribers. The results that you get with my Solo Ad Service will depend mainly upon the ad and the webpage that people go to for more information about your income opportunity.

Screenshot of my Solo Ad Stats

If you are really serious about Making Money Online, then you need to invest in a tracking service! Tracking allows you to monitor your traffic so that you will know where it is coming from and the source of the traffic.

Join SoManyHits for FREE and get unlimited link shortening & tracking! Upgrade later when you see the benefits of becoming a paying member.

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If you have a server then you can install a tracking script and not have to pay a monthly fee for a tracking service. The tracking script that I use is AdTrackz.
AdTrackz is a Light, Fast and Easy to Use Ad Tracking Software used to Analyze Your Marketing Campaigns and to Improve Your Return on Investment and Business Growth! Click the link below to get more information.


How My Solo Ad Service Works

Step 1: Place an order for my Solo Ad Service. The only payments I accept now are Postal Money Orders or CASH. Postal Money Orders can only be purchased at the post office and they can be CASHED at the post office. Click the link below and print the orderform. (If you don't have a printer then open the orderform and copy my mailing address.) Go to the post office and purchase a postal money order ($1.25) for the correct amount and mail it along with the orderform.

Click Here to Open the Orderform

Click Here to Download the Orderform

Step 2:
You provide the ad copy or I create the ad copy about your income opportunity from the information that you provide after I receive your order.

Step 3: I email the ad to you and wait for your approval before I start your broadcast.

Step 4: After I receive your approval, I broadcast your ad to my list.

Questions??? Please call if you need more information. My phone number is 256-297-1235.

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