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From: Don Nobinger
Subject: A Simple System For Mini-Site Success

Dear Internet Friend,

Creating a website from scratch is one of the most difficult tasks that you will encounter when trying to make a living online. You can either start learning by reading "hard-to-read" manuals and ebooks or even hire a website designer who commands a very high fee to get your website created.

But now all those are just a thing of the past.

I've assembled a series of coaching video tutorials that show you every single step in my Mini-site creation. And - it doesn't matter if you've never created a web page before, I'll show you every single step from scratch.

These easy-to-follow tutorials come in the form of nineteen videos you view directly at your computer.

Here's a quick run down of exactly what you get:

Video 1 - (2 min 53 sec)

- Organizing your folders to make way for your files
(Looks simple but very important for you to do it right before you mess up everything)

Video 2 - (9 min 43 sec)

- Working with the Properties box
- Creating a new site map (Site Definition) --** Important!!
- Adding your page properties - Add Title, background image, background color
- Creating a Table
- Modifying the Table Properties
- Inserting a Header Image into the table

Video 3 - (16 min 17 sec )

- Creating a table within a table
- Inserting the salesletter headline, sub headline in text format.
- Working with the fonts, font size, font color, bold, italics, alignment.
- Adding the Highlight code
- Inserting an image into a table
- Working with a table - Merging, adding image, changing the background color, changing the border color, size, etc.
- Adding the horizontal rule

Video 4 - (13 min 59 sec)

- Creating tables
- Inserting Text with the Javascript code that shows the date and day.
- "Drop-down" capital
- Sub-headlines
- Insert table
- Table properties: Working with Cell Pad
- Create table - Inserting the titles, working with tables

Video 5 - (4 min 54 sec)

- Inserting and working with images inside a table

Video 6 - (12 min 23 sec)

- Creating a hyperlink
- Inserting the drop-down shadow images below the testimonials tables

Video 7 - (8 min 47 sec)

- Creating more tables, inserting and aligning text and images

Video 8 - (10 min)

- Creating more tables, inserting and aligning text and images.

Video 9 - (12 min 37 sec)

- Creating more tables, inserting and aligning text and images.
- Inserting a checkbox
- Inserting & designing the "Order Now" table
- Inserting the order link
- Inserting a signature
- Inserting the disclaimer links and company details

Part 2: "Short & Straight To-The Point" Video Series

In this section each video is created to show you only one task. These are common tasks that an Internet marketer would normally do when creating direct response mini-sites.

Video 10 - Inserting Paypal Order Button - (1 min 23 sec)

In this video I will show you how to create a Paypal Order button and place it on your Mini-site so that you can start receiving orders right away!

Video 11 - Inserting 2checkout Order Button - (2 min 22 sec)

In this video I will show you how to create a 2Checkout Order button and place it on your Mini-site so that you can start receiving orders right away!

Video 12 - Inserting Clickbank Order Link - (1 min 50 sec )

In this video I will show you how to create a Clickbank order link and place it on your Mini-site so that you can start receiving orders right away!

Video 13 - Highlighting Text in Yellow Color - (1 min)

In this video I will show you how to highlight the text sentences in yellow color. When done properly, highlighting selected sentences can increase your readers' response to your offer.

Video 14 - Inserting Email Capture Form Code (Aweber.com)- (2 min 26 sec)

In this video I will show you how to create the email capture form code from your Aweber autoresponder account and place it on your mini-site so that you can start receiving subscribers immediately.

Video 15 - Working with Bold, Italics and Underline links - (45 sec)

In this video I will show you how to bold, underline and make the words or sentences in italics font.

Video 16 - Linking "multi mini-sites" to one another - (3 min 22 sec)

In this video I will show you how to link to other pages of your mini-sites.

Video 17 - Inserting a DHTML "drop-in" popup code - (2 min 32 sec)

In this video I will show you how to create a popup code from a software application and place it on your mini-site. DHTML popups are known to increase your sales conversion, so you would definitely want to use this powerful marketing tool.

Video 18 - Using the "Find & Replace" function - (3 min 28 sec)

In this video I will show you how to quickly and easily find and replace a similar group of words or sentences in your mini-site.

Video 19 - Changing the table to "red-dotted" border - (1 min 43 sec)

In this video I will show you how to create a "red-dotted" border table. This type of table is quite popular and being used widely by many marketers, simply because it can capture the attention of prospects much more than traditional tables with the normal color scheme.

Save Your Time & Money With These Videos

Now think about it. If you're not watching these videos, it may take you many months before you can finally create your first mini-site. (Of course, that depends on your present level of skills and knowledge)

You may have tried reading books and manuals on website creation but they can only tell you how to do it in writing. You've still got to figure out how to do what you've been told!

Why spend weeks and months trying to figure out all of the steps it takes to get your mini-site created and set up -- when you can watch someone show you exactly how to take action and get it up and running today?

With these videos, you'll be able to watch them directly from the computer screen itself!

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Now, all that remains is for you to put the video tutorials into action and sit back and watch your success story being created. The ball is now in your court.


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Format Of DreamweaverŽ Videos
The videos will be provided to you in streaming Flash format. You can either watch them online or download them to your computer.

Dreamweaver Version
The mini-site in these video tutorials has been created using DreamweaverŽ Version 4.

Don Nobinger

Just think! You’ll never again suffer through the pain and hassle of trying to build your own mini-site. Now, you can get everything shown to you! You simply watch the videos in the comfort of your home and put them to practice.

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